• 100 Little Comics

    My First Comic Book

    This is a collection of my first 100 comics. I’ve worked on it for over a year and a half, and I’m super-happy with how it came out — I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed creating it 🥹

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    The Little Bitcoin

    A fan favorite is finally here and ready to join a loving HODLer family 🧡 The Little Bitcoin is our latest limited edition plushie.

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    My Little Shop

    Bring The Little HODLer to your home or gift it to your friends and family (or your friendly neighborhood nocoiner).

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    The Little Hodler

    Because HODLers need to be HODLed too!

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    High-Quality Art Prints

    They’re finally here! You can now get prints of your favorite Little HODLer comics.

My Latest Comics

Create Your Own Little HODLer

I create custom Little HODLers (and other products) for Bitcoin-friendly brands. Find out how you can create your own special edition Little HODLer!

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