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Create Your Own Little HODLer

Little HODLer helps bring Bitcoin into the real world, and he’s happy to do so for Bitcoin-friendly brands as well!

I’ve created custom Little HODLer products for dozens of brands. The sky’s the limit! Little HODLer can represent your brand, celebrate a special season or holiday with you, or play dress-up in the most creative and out-of-this-world kind of way.

Your very own Little HODLer product can serve as your brand ambassador or an addition to your online store or booth at conferences.

Here’s How It Works:

  • 1.

    I’ll create a design drawing for you.

  • 2.

    We produce the first prototype—your Genesis HODLer.

  • 3.

    Time to produce and ship your order!

  • 4.

    Before you know it, your custom Little HODLers will be ready to orange-pill the world.

Special Editions

The Little HODLer has been adopted by many Bitcoin-friendly brands. Browse our existing special editions for inspiration—some are still available for purchase as well!

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