Create Your Own Little HODLer

I create custom Little HODLers for Bitcoin-friendly brands!

All products on my store can be customized for your brand to create special edition merchandise or a fun additional product for your own store.

Here’s How It Works


We’ll kick off with a custom design suggestion for your special edition HODLer.


Once you’re happy with your design, we’ll make your personal Little HODLer come to life!


Time to multiply your special edition HODLers.

Happy HODLing!

Before you know it, your custom Little HODLers will be ready to go and orange-pill the world.

The Sky Is the Limit

Tap to see the initial sketch, swipe to see another design.

A Few More Details

I want a custom Little HODLer! How do we make it happen?

Yay! First of all, you can reach out via my contact form and share any relevant details (such as your company information, the product and quantity you’d like to order, and any design ideas you have). We will then get in touch with you to determine whether it’s a match — if so, we’ll work out the design and quantity and get to work!

What products can you customize?

Any products you can find on my store can be customized.

Is there a minimum order quantity for custom products?

Yes, we can produce custom Little HODLers starting at a minimum order quantity of 100 pieces.

Can anyone order a custom product?

The Little HODLer is a little picky! I only create custom Little HODLers for partners who I feel are aligned with the Little HODLer’s Bitcoin lifestyle. That means being Bitcoin-friendly is a must (though if you weren’t, you probably wouldn’t even be on my website). The Little HODLer only HODLs Bitcoin, so I will not design any custom products involving coins or tokens other than Bitcoin.

I don’t have a design for my custom Little HODLer. Is that a problem?

No worries! If you’re not sure what you want your custom Little HODLer to look like, I can create design suggestions for you. To design the perfect Little HODLer for you, we will talk about what’s important for you as well as any ideas you may already have.

How long does it take to create and ship a custom order?

This depends on the size of your order. In general, the process takes between 12 and 13 weeks from start to finish (1-2 weeks for the initial design, 6-8 weeks for the production, and 2-3 weeks for shipping).

The Little HODLer

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