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Financial Privacy

HODLing vs. Trading


There’s No Recession

The Little Keeper

Little HODLove At First Sight

The Strong Hands Thank the Weak Hands

The Cantillon Effect

Bear Markets Are For Building

A Fiat World Work Day

None Of Your Business

Those Bitcoiners

Helping Friends Become HODLers

Some Things Never Change

Weak Hands vs. Strong Hands


A Dip For Ants

No Rugs Left to Pull

It’s Not Too Late

Value Over Time

Overseas Transactions

Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day 2022

Finance Events, Fiat vs. Bitcoin Style

Plebs Together Strong

CBDCs vs. Bitcoin

Levels of HODL Conviction

Bored Little HODLer


When Everyone’s a Millionaire


You’re Doing Great, Bitcoin

Bitcoiners Don’t Fall For FUD

I Hope This Never Happens



Buying Bitcoin

There’s No Bitcoin Asteroid

Every Single Time

Time Preference

If You Call This a Bear Market, You Must Be New Here

Happy Valentine’s Day 2022

They Can’t Hear You

Time in the Market > Timing the Market

Welcome to the World

Poor IMF

Welcome to Bitcoin Twitter

Bitcoin Fixes Our Outlook on the Future

Auto-DCA Fixes This

A HODLer’s Journey

A Bitcoin Cycle

Happy 13th Birthday, Bitcoin

Everyone Bought the Top At Some Point

2021 Review, Bitcoiner Vs. Nocoiner

Christmas Conversations (2021)

Everybody Needs This

Short-Term Volatility > Long-Term Debasement

The Stages of HODLing

If You Sell to a HODLer, That’s Forever

The End of the Fiat Institutions

The Brain Works in Weird Ways

You Can Buy a Fraction of a Bitcoin

Fix the Money

Always Be HODLing

Happy Bitcoin Day

Bitcoiners Are So Lucky

Happy Birthday U.S. Dollar

Choose Your Fighter

Being a Bitcoiner Isn’t Easy

A Lost Cause

Bitcoiners Are Undervalued

It’s All a Matter of Perspective

The Cycle of Fud

The Best Money Wins

Hater’s Gonna Hate

Nobody is Born a HODLer

Welcome to All New HODLers

It’s All Bitcoin’s Fault

The Evolution of Money

Bitcoiners Are So Toxic

When Bitcoin Dips

We Don’t Accept That Here

They Say He Has a Whole Bitcoin