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Little HODLer’s Assistants

Little HODLer has a little team that works tirelessly to support him on his adventures through Little HODLand. Meet his personal assistants!


Little HODLer’s Mommy

On a quiet Thursday night in July 2020, Lina created her first comic—the foundation of what would later become The Little HODLer. Yet her little protagonist didn’t introduce himself to the world until April 2021, when she drew her first official Little HODLer comic while stuck in a quarantine hotel in Taipei. From that point on, Lina and Little HODLer have been inseparable. Lina owes a lot to Little HODLer, and Little HODLer hopes she will be kind to him on his next adventures. And both Lina and Little HODLer would like to say thank you for all your support over the years!

    Favorite Character

    That’s like asking a parent for their favorite child!

    Favorite Comic

    Haters Gonna Hate


    Sara is the brains behind Little HODLer’s journey to and through El Salvador! That doesn’t just include just about everything Little HODLer does in Bitcoin country, but we reckon a lot of her time is being spent dragging Little HODLer away from the beach so he actually gets some work done every now and then.


      Tai is here to Little-HODLerize every product you can possibly think of. Every new product goes through Tai’s hands and has to stand the test of Tai’s strict quality check. Tai also helps Little HODLer find new partners and locations to sell his products. Tai even helps Little HODLer work on his epic expansion plans. Tai rocks!

        Favorite Character

        Little Bear

        Favorite Comic

        Little Bull & Little Bear


        Doug helped with rebuilding The Little HODLer’s home (this website)! He continues to team up with The Little HODLer’s other assistants to overcome technical challenges, and is inspired by the epic journey that The Little HODLer has embarked on. 

          Favorite Character

          The Little Satoshi

          Favorite Comic

          Not Like That

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