Little HODLer’s Best Friends

The Little HODLer spends a lot of time traveling and telling the world about Bitcoin. Since he started out, he has met lots of great people who joined him on his journey. Some of those people became new friends, and some of those friends became Little HODLer’s best friends.

One of Little HODLer’s best friends is Relai, an amazing Swiss-made Bitcoin company that supports Little HODLer’s adventures.

Little HODLer and Relai have the same goal: making Bitcoin easy.

With Relai, Little HODLer doesn’t need to worry about ever missing a dip again – because he now has an automated savings plan that automatically stacks sats for him. Meanwhile, he holds his own private keys, so he truly owns his bitcoin.

Little HODLer is really grateful to Relai for supporting his journey and joining his adventures on the way to hyperbitcoinization.

Check out Relai!

The Little HODLer

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