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Meet Little Trezor

Little Trezor and Little Trezor’s Trezor are the newest residents in Little HODLand. They’re here to spread the word of self-custody!

Big Support For Little HODLer

Thanks to Little Trezor’s support, Little HODLer can continue creating free comics and animations for you and even work on some exciting new projects.

Little Trezor’s Freebies

Welcome Little Trezor to the neighborhood with our freebie selection!

Phone Wallpapers

Click on the phones to download your wallpaper!

Little Trezor Wallpapers

Let a friendly face guard your money! Simply download the images, upload them in your Trezor Suite, and voilà: Little Trezor’s Trezor.

Coloring Page

Coloring Page

Coloring things is fun—take it from someone who does it every day.

Digital Sticker Set

Thank you Trezor!

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