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Of Course | Signed Print (Limited Edition)

25$ incl. VAT

Out of stock

  • How about a signed print about how El Salvador is winning, shipped to you from El Salvador (which is winning)?

    Grab one of 21 copies of my latest comic, signed to your name by yours truly.

    Free shipping to El Salvador! Because I’m in El Salvador

    Signed prints tend to take longer to ship internationally than your usual orders on my store since we’re personally shipping these from our local post office—unfortunately, this takes a little longer than orders shipped from the warehouse. I can therefore not guarantee this print will reach you in time for Christmas, as shipping times for signed prints tend to be vastly different every single time. Of course, I will pray to the international shipping gods to speed up delivery.

    If you order this product together with other products from my store, it will be shipped separately and may arrive at a different time than the rest of your order.

  • Dimensions

    ca. DIN A4

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you ship from?

Our warehouse is located near Stuttgart in Germany. We work with Copiaro, a Bitcoin-friendly fulfilment service run by an amazing team of bitcoiners. While we can’t guarantee shipping times, we can say from experience that orders within the EU normally take less than three days to arrive, while overseas orders can take one to two weeks (or more if they are held up in customs).

Can I get a bulk order discount?

Yes! We can give you discounts for orders starting at 25 products. Get in touch if that’s what you’re looking for!

I want a special edition HODLer!

We’ve got you covered. Check out my special editions page for more details.

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